Ange Peter

Forest Pottery Studio | Samriddhi, Auroville 605 101, Tamil Nadu, India |



Born in Hamburg, Germany 1964, at the age of two the family immigrated to Pondicherry, India.

Schooling: Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education, Pondicherry.

199192   Studied pottery under Ray Meeker at the Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry.

199395  Worked as ESL teacher in Taiwan. Studied Chinese and gave pottery workshops.

1996      Worked as assistant to Deborah Smith at the Golden Bridge Pottery

1997      Worked in Mandala pottery in Auroville preparing for a first exhibition. Held first single studio potter’s exhibition in Auroville featuring 300 pots

Six month apprenticeship in Japan with Shibata Masaaki, Tamba Sasayama
1998      Designed and built her studio and home2005      


Curated Shows
2003      Organized ‘Creations for the Land’ first exhibition in Auroville featuring 34 artists and including all Auroville potters

2004      Organized ‘Creations for our Kids our Future’, second fundraising exhibition inviting all Auroville and surrounding potters and artists

2010  Southern Fire’, Calcutta, featuring all Auroville based Ceramists, Weaver's Studio Gallery

 Workshops Attended
1997 Susan Peterson Workshop at GBP on Glaze Formulation
1996 Jim Danish. Porcelain workshop. Developed the porcelain body, and celadon glaze used at the workshop.


1997   First Solo show at Pitanga, Samasti, Auroville
2004  ‘Peace and Harmony Show’, organized by the ‘Delhi Blue Pottery Trust’, group show held at the Habitat Center in New Delhi. Sold out.

2006  ‘Elements Show, group show organized by the Delhi Blue Pottery trust

2006 ‘Harmony Art’ 12th Show, Mumbai
2008  ‘Table Manners’ at Kala Kendra Art Gallery, Auroville

2008  ‘8 Wonders of Pondicherry’ - group show at Artworld, Sarala's Art Centre, Chennai

2008  ‘Harmony Art’ 13th show, Mumbai

2008  ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ - ICIA Gallery, Mumbai

2009  ‘Year of the Ox’ -Teapot Exhibition, China

2009  ‘Tea Adda’ - Teapot show, Chennai

2009  ‘Alchemy’ - group show featuring three ceramists - Rakhee, Anamika and Ange, Artist Center, Mumbai

2010  Southern Fire’- Calcutta, featuring all Auroville based Ceramists, Weaver's Studio Gallery

2010  ‘Golden Earth’- Exhibition of contemporary ceramists from Australia and India organized by Delhi Blue Pottery Trust and Ceramics Victoria inc.

2011 ‘Alchemy 2’ - Second Group show featuring three ceramists-Rakhee, Anamika and Ange at Museum Gallery, Mumbai
2013 ‘The Bucket Show’ - Group show themed on buckets, Forum Art Gallery, Chennai

2013 ‘The Offering’- solo show at the Visual Arts Gallery in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi